Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Outside is the Rightside

It is official ,,, winter has been put on hold. And while I can deal with the
milder temps I sure would like to be skiing. 
The two day  I got on sticks was pure bliss.  And with 
the upcoming trip to the sun shine state... skiing is on my mind. 
But I will survive.  I had thought at one time that I would want to go XC skiing while there
and then thought it would be fun to take PIP on the Mountain,, but it sounds 
as if the snow pack sucks and I have no interest
in shitty snow.

If you have not seen the petition that is going around 
jump on over here.
Getting the word out to all that love bikes the outdoors and all things good and right in the world
is the goal.. 
Be good Do nice Things and get ready for more sunlight.. 

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