Saturday, December 10, 2011


Their is not much snow on the ground.. but one of the great things 
about skate skiing is you don't need much.. People on the interwebs 
are saying to use rock skis but like it was when I was a skibum... I only
have the pair that I have,,, so run what-cha-brung. 
For almost five years we have lived in this valley 
and I have never driven the 10 miles north of here to go as ski Drugans. 
The golf course is off the beaten path and sits between some good bluff,,adding 
so vertical gain.   Right from the parking lot it was nothing but smiles and smiles.
The skis were moving well with the blue/teal wax  

 and the thin spots were easy to get around. 
Now we could use some more snow because all that is going to do is
make the skiing that much better.. And it seems that their is nothing to stop where the 
groomer goes.  I am ready for a month or two of skiing as a good break from nothing but cycling.. 

Bring on the snow..

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