Saturday, December 17, 2011

Frosty Shins

Well I was not expecting to wake up and 
find 3/4 of one Inch of snow on the ground this morning. 
Just enough to stop the Big Wheeled plans that I spoke of yesterday. And not 
enough to break out the skis and do some slip sliding. 
So with the hanging curve ball that was lobbed up I hit the Crushed GrAvel. 

Just enough to call it a good ride. Spun the legs and made my heart beat and cause some perspiration come from my pores.

The internets here in the South West portion of Wisco are all a blaze do to some short sightedness of the local government. Seems that they are leaving it up for debate ,,,,the idea that the Upper portions of Hixon should be turned in to homes....Another subdivision.
This is hallowed ground a place where we go to hike bike and be in nature. But we all know that
money is what makes the would go around..  Regardless it has caused a fight that I am not sure the city was ready for. 
I am sure the community will rally and maybe even stop the stupid idea..

Kansas City Here we Come....... 

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