Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hump day was a hump,, again dealing with wondering why I deal 
with the world of work that i do. But that is where my two wheeled friend comes in to play. 
Riding to and from work every day has it's perks... First and foremost I get to 
be on my bike,,,which was a topic of conversation over at the DC headquarters.
Their are days that my wheels are just for here to their and other days work 
can get done.. And the latter is what I was after,, with climbing bliss
as many times as time would allow. 
Road is dry and coated in a white sheen of road salt. Every time a large truck goes 
by it kicks up enough salt to turn one's self into a salt lick. 
Last time heading up the steepest part i hear a noise and give it one more
turn when Pop... Explode chain ,, and with much discussion on the  FB of not being prepared 
I began to walk and scoot to the shop to do some fixing. 
The dream rig especially for this time of year would be one of these..
Not going to let it slow me down,, got chain fixed after a 20+ block walk and spun home.
More is coming as some of the first tests of the year get closer and closer. 
New products on the way, some super hubs that are going to get laced into Hed rims.  These are going to be the secret weapon for spring classics and training miles.  Now just need to deal with the back to normal winter temps... Get out ride your bike and smile...

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