Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Burns

Knee deep in to another weekend,, they never seem to be as long as one would like but they are a great way to recharge the soul. 
I am at the end of a three week bock and coach has me on a recovery week tomorrow through 
next saturday. No weights for a week and then a new plan of attack as march rolls in and 
more time in the saddle will be had. 
Had a nice slow morning yesterday and once it was warm my goal was simple just some 
good tempo in the sun. I headed west to the land of 10,000 lakes not for frostbike or for the cutters ball no to go ride some nice 3 mile long hills.
It was sunny from edge to edge of the horizon in and out of warmth and chill as I slid through some beautiful coulees. Time on the bike is feeling good and all the work that has been put so far is paying off.  Made sure to find some gravel roads to change things up and get some mid ride fuel..
My ride topped out up on MN county #1 after climbing up Burns  Valley  Road.... it 
at times hit 23-24% and with the grit on the road your ass needed to stay in the saddle the whole time. 
The view from the top is a good one that if you try you can my house..
Going to take the kid out today get her bike off the trainer and out in to the 
world. Three hours is what I need to round out the week and 
get just over 15 hours...Trying to push toward the mythical 20+  hour mark.. Spring is coming and I want to be ready,, After the work last night in the garage I pretty sure that my bike is. 

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