Monday, February 20, 2012

Tired but satisfied ,, had a big block last week and this week I get to do some active recovery.
15+ hours of riding and gym work,, 250 miles and just over 9000 feet of climbing. 
Not bad for the mid of the second month of the year. Looking 
back over my three bikes that have been getting ridden I have just over 1250 miles on the year and most of them outside.  Received today the PC link for my Cateye Computer so I 
can keep better track of what is being done. I try to keep a written journal but forget and can be lazy so it does not get done. 
I have been very luck to be working with some of the best company's in the industry and 
getting to use and test some really unreal parts and components. 
After fighting trough some hot spots, my new Northwave shoes have started to be 
a game changer. Feet are happy and so much stiffer than shoes of old.

Finished the week off with a solid breakfast and weight work,,,then took the kid out for a tour. Like Tilford had said the other day this time of year fitness levels are all over the place and knowing this for me riding with the kid is a good day for some easy spinning and then pushing hard on the hills. Pip has been working really hard this season to be ready for the task at hand this spring. Working on getting her to spin more and draft when we are on some flat terrain. 
When it comes to hill climbing she does well
and I love seeing her power up through the steeps.
Rest has started and a great meal tonight has me sitting and smiling.. Need to get moving on 
my mountain bike so I can get my new MT8 brakes on their and work on completing that puzzle. 
Ready for spring and longer warmer day,,,, but for now happy with all that is getting done.
I fell the need for speed! 

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