Sunday, February 12, 2012

Logging Roads

Winter relapse the past few days. Friday saw a 20 some degree temps swing and 
the ride home from work was just that work. Full head-to-wind
having to stand to make the bike go... We decided to go 
out for dinner with out Pip and, in hind site we shouldn't have. Our food came out cold and the waitress was clueless. I have given up complaining
like I used to when I worked in kitchens,, but when Anna started to get pissed
I had to say something.. Bad food was comped and that was that. 
I managed to pick up a bug either from work or something that someone has brought home. 
Not letting it slow me down, for the first time in a long time I rode indoors 
yesterday. Again with the wind and the cold temps I figured it was the best idea. 
 I got to try out my new Northwave Shoes and do some interval drills. 
Finished in a pool of perpetration and gobs of snot. 

A good meal of homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and some good rest  I was ready for some more. 
Have not been taking the geared road bike this time of year but with the snow 
all gone and roads dry and clear of most salt, thought that today would be a good day for that. 
Left the house with 18 air temps and 10 windchill and the goal was two hours of tempo 
with little to no climbing. Went north and west to Trempealeau and rode through the park and past one of my favorite summer hang outs.
Moving well and happy to be back outside
longing for some spring/summer temps and days of single track. 
Did I mention that it was cold... it
Took a long hot shower and layers of warm clothes to get feeling back in my extremity's
and a bottle of R4 and a can of beer and all was back to normal. 
Things are coming together I want and need more but also need to remember that it is only
February and burn out can come easy. 
Eat Sleep Ride..

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