Monday, February 13, 2012

Cycling StAteOfMiNd

Things get stuck in my head over and over,,, whether it is a riff of a song,,,,
a sign on the side of the road or the different color quick link in a 
chain,, I watch it go I repeat it in my head over and over. 
Some times it is good others I just want it to leave. 
Watching the light enter my day earlier and earlier. Change is happening and I get enough. 
Yes some times I feel like a Gringo.
Up coming is some of my favorite times of the year..... The spring comes and so do the Classics...
When  the tough guys line up for one day of punching each other in the throat. 
Some unreal backdrops and kickass racing. 
It is also the time of the year where layers are shed like molting lizards.
I am ready for the madness of March and the Long Strange Trips that it will bring.

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