Saturday, February 25, 2012

WiNteR wIpEoUt

I had no intention of heading to Iowa today but after talking with the Boss it
sounded like it could be fun.. Not sure what to expect and if gear and bike would be right, but having been in the area on friday for work I knew that there was not to much snow. And with not too much snow I thought a  mountain bike would do well.... I did try to get my hands on a fat bike before leaving for the race but that did not happen. Again not knowing what to expect I left the 34x19 on and rolled the dice,, I  had heard that there would be lots of bike path sections and wondered if a bigger gear would help.. I am glad that I left it alone. 
Short drive and 10$ donation for the local trails I now only had to figure out what 
to wear,,,it was not warm.  Yes I was the only non fat bike and if you ask me the disadvantage of
my bike should have equaled the disadvantage of riding a fat bike,,,, That being said I did not qualify for the overall prize $500 bucks.. 
After the turn by turn directions we rolled out and hit the start line. We started heading up a 
fire road with a bit of snow cover. I headed to the front and waited to see what happened
so I leaned it to the pedals and speed up the hill,, at that point I was gone,,for what it is worth I would not see anyone else until the last mile or so.  I did 
listen to the directions but they sure made no sense to me.  Lots of bike paths with and with out snow,
and At times I had no idea of where I was going.,,,,,A team Polska rider behind me and Trevor O, chasing I was just trying to keep the pace high so Hwood  had some help up front. 
With no Idea of my gap and where the heck I was going I pushed on,, ripped the single track 
went sideways on some icy wooded single track and stood 
at many intersections and guessed the right direction.
Towards the end I was just spinning and grinning ,,, the Spot felt great to be on
and was handling all that got thrown at it. 
Stood and figured out where the end was and crossed the line,,,, not after riding trough some nasty nasty mud.. This mud made my wheels grow to at least 3.0 with but that still did not count. 
Team Polska crossed behind me 3 or so minutes later,,, Hwood made a wrong turn towards the end and slid out of the money.  Ended it with a 24oz highlife, and shared stories,,, Yep the 5bills would have
been sweet but it was a great day of riding and training.. My bike and body felt great,, and pretty sure that 
I could have done the same result with a fat bike.
Back to the road and back to work the season of racing will start or has it started,, lots to work on 
but so far so good.  Got a sweet pair of funny socks,,, and got to spend time with like minded cyclist.

Bike is almost clean,,, I  H8te mud...

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