Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have a hard time taking a day off let a lone a week. Rest week here and other than some
commuting and a humpday ride been laying low. Coach said to enjoy the week stay 
away from the weights and no structured workouts.  Been driving me nuts,, that being said yesterdays ride was a good one. Busted up the bliss twice in the morning to burn off the evil 
thoughts of 
work and thinking that I would be there 4 ever I had no intention of 
spinning after work,,but I did.
In and out of shadows and at times in full sun,, which is recharging the soul.
Did not push it to hard or to hard for being on the 44x18,,,,going up hill makes you stand and deliver.
 Getting closer and closer everyday to the season opener and can't wait. It is a shame that the same weekend that mtb racing comes to Wisco 
we have a Omnium coming to our little town.
Would love to take part but I have big dreams of a good race at Iola. This was the venue that I first raced at shortly after moving from Colorado.
I had a lot to learn and learned it hard and fast,, been back many times since then and have had
some better days there.
Now just need to get trough the rest of the this down week and prepare for what is come. 
Down and dirty on the fat tires. Bring on the Light!!

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