Friday, March 2, 2012


At times I can make my ears bleed from plugging my nose
and sneezing.. well not really 
but that is what my work can not my job can make me feel. 
Love working with my hands and fixing things for people and making them 
happy that their expensive box of crap now works. 
That being said it makes me hate and as my wife's favorite show says 
my h8ters are my motivators. 
After a long week and some stupid bullshit the past few rides
have been fueled by anger....
Yesterday found me in the quarry on the SSCX and making mends with the 
darkside of gravity as I descended the steepasshill.  Before I hit the hill
my work phone rang and I had to head back to work for another whitetrashicemaker issue. 
Regardless I got good time in the saddle and crushed the pedals. 
Today was not far from the same,, a few times up the bluff to clear the head and then 
around for the way home. Rode the Lemond X SS today and the bigger gear and steel felt so damn good.  After miles and miles of Beating the shit out of my self on Aluminum the buttery ride of 
steel felt so good.  
As I went out to the garage to get another beer I looked at all the bikes that 
I have not hung back up this week I thought to my self
that it has been a 4 bike week.. All of the major players have been in 
play and that warms the heart..  Putting it all together I thought deeper and the four bikes
use five different Cateye products. All of which crunch the numbers that
keep me company while I am out all alone on the Pave or Dirt.
Here is to the weekend ready or not shitty weather and all.. We are packing the 
famdamn up and heading to the indoor water parks for some good old family fun. 
Until then watch Hurl take on a Turtle... 

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