Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Another day of warm temps unseasonably warm..
Not much of any wind. I wanted to do the TNWC and actually ride with a a group,
but once again work was slow and I was out way before the five o clock ride time.
I spun home and ditched the pack grabbed some supplies and headed out. 
Had an extra treat of a big box of Chamois Butt'r products show up yesterday so 
now no more sore backside,,...in the end my Butt was happy.  If you have
used the euro style you know why and how it works if you have not tried a Chamois Creme you should. Not some thing that you need every day but long days in the saddle and for me racing Mountain Bikes it makes for a much better experience.

                                                                                   Since I was missing out on the effort of the Wold Champ ride I headed out 
from the house on a mission and a plan of what I wanted to see, and the work that needed to be done.
Right out the front door you can hit Cty S that at points kicks over 20% stretches a bit over a mile and a half and the gain is at the top of the ridge is 800 feet. This leads to a section of road that climbs 
up and over two more bluffs shorter climbs but again in the double digit % of grade. 
Makes for a good ride finishing on the hill you started on and the descent is wicked,, on the breaks 
you can easily go 40+,,let go of them and you are flying. 
Great day,, Shorts and Jersey weather and even got to ride with out any shoe covers.
Weather is
looking great for the whole week,, hoping to be able to get after it this weekend, and if I get my break cables trimmed on the Spot may even get out and roll around on the fatter tires. 
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