Saturday, March 24, 2012


Friday off due to waiting for the cable guy. Thought that i was going to be wrecked
from lack of sleep,.,.,.the Pip went to the midnight showing of 
as James calls it the hutergames. I did not stay up till three to wait for her
but was in and out of sleep checking up on her via text,,etc.
I am impressed on how well the kid did with only 3 hours of sleep. 
Days off from work are like Christmas, bithdays, and the superbowl all
wrapped up into one day. Killer breakfast and tons of good coffee,
all while watching a Live Belgian Classic...E3..
It was a great race guys were charging hard up the cobbles and steep grades,
and the deck was getting hit hard,,,even for superman,,,dude got crashed into 
while changing a wheel in the feed zone and still made it back to the main group.
When it was all done and said Tomke hit the line first.. Good times and made me stoked to get out and ride,,,,just needed the cable guy to leave. 
Once that happened I got dressed and was gone. Flying the Hwood colors and ready for a good day in the saddle.
I had mapped out some routes but did not really have a plan other than at least three hours. 
Went out north and kept working my way north and east heading towards 
a hill that I heard so much about in the five years of living here. Killer Hill,,,,EE is the
county name of the road and people talk about it like it is almost unrideable.
I wanted to ride it from east to west to complete my loop and know that the road had new pave 
I knew at least the ride would be smooth. Finally getting to the base at mile 36 and fighting 
a mild head wind I was happy to now have the wind at my back. As climbs went it was
ok not as killer as people talked it up. % of grade was never out 12% the west side the grade did go to 15 and was pretty sandy which made for a sketchy decent but again not so killer. County S out the front door here kicks up to 22% and is as long if not a touch longer...More Killer...
Rest of the ride was status normal.. Finished with climbing up M to S which with the rain we 
have had was now much cleaner and free of sand now you could really lean in to the turns. 
Good day on the wheels all followed up with hanging out with my lovely with at the 
moon drinking beers and riding cruzer bikes. Yep days off are the shit !!!

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