Thursday, March 29, 2012

Turn the DiAl

I got my MT8's set up on the Spot and was able to ride to work today on dirt.
I got the back brake dialed in perfect and the front not so much. 
Don't have a bleed kit and been super hard to get to Tostin's shop so I rode it as is. Bike rode really well and felt great to be on the bike for the first time since the Fat Bike World Champ Race.
The 24% grade kicked my ass with the 2:1 but still got it done. Got to work all smiles. 
After work back at it up the bluff and this time I dove in and rode most but not all of the trails. 
Some single track still moist others tacky,,,then the fact that my front brake was not responding the way I wanted it made me not want to dive to fast in to corners and fly down  hill seeing that I could not stop to quick,,, Afterwards I told Pip that I felt like a horse learning to walk. Soon it will all be dialed. Lots of stuff showing up on a daily basis. Today was Ergon. Grips and gloves and the Gloves are Black & White....Party On!!
More work in the garage tonight trying to get things more dialed.
The help that I am lining up lately is questionable at best.

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