Monday, March 19, 2012


No rest for the wicked,, or at least that is what they say and still not 
sure who they are. But sunday lived up to all the hype. 
Sunshine and a killer breakfast,, fresh blueberry pancakes with some 
strong coffee. The only thing that was missing was Bike racing streaming on 
the computer..
Sent AnnA out for a good ride before the wind got to be too crazy. I think that 
her and her Madone are starting to get along better with every ride.
I dug around in the back yard and made sure that the coffee did not go to waste.. 
Someday I am going to have a fancy espresso maker and going to spend my days
going transcendental as I drink enough coffee to see the 4th dimension.
When it was my time to head out it was the age old question of 
which way to  go??   With the mild weather I have been this way and that 
way so many times starting to  almost feel like I am getting burned out on the routes ...or just really ready
for Mountain Biking. 
Decided that Minnesota would be a good time with some longer climbs with less % of grade.
Over the river and through the woods had me on the top of the TV 19 Hill and now pointing 
down Tscheremrper ,,,,totally hacked the spelling of that but close enough.
Never gone down this hill climbed it a ton but down was new,, felt like or at least was day dreaming that I was over in Italy with the orchards and old farms,, and a beaten down old pave. 
Fun sketchy decent down through the sand and debris to the Root River,,, from here I was excited to 
head up Brush Valley Road. Township 281 starts off gravel and then when it gets steep and it turns to crumbly pavement. 
Things started off good until I  encounter some moisture then it turned soft 
then my front wheel dove into what seemed like quicksand.  Clipped out put 
my foot into the road up to my ankle and almost went over the bars. 
Not what I was expecting..  Got up and cleaned up front end and cleaned off my 
Northwaves as good as I could and started climbing.. Damn I got dirty as all hell,,, not sure why and where the wet road came from  we have not seen rain for a least a week . 
Finished the ride strong climbing Burns Valley and listening to my now dirty and pissed off drivetrain. Road Bikes do not like to get as dirty as I got.. 

Put up a new logo today from the good folks at Paceline,,, 
they take care of my bottom line making long days in saddle 
more manageable.  And they make bad days the kind that end up in quicksand 
much better. 
Gas is getting out of control and those of you that don't should. 

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