Tuesday, March 6, 2012


A get away is what this family needed and a trip to the indoor water park in the 
land of the Dells is where were heading. 
Pretty good deal, a nights stay at the Hotel and all the water park fun 
you could have.  We had a blast crushing the slides and 
splashing around. And since we went on a sunday/moday the 
crowd levels were pretty slim,, just not the people. 
Saturday night after eating a bit of food and having a few adult soda pops we headed back. 
From what I understand I may have had to much fun. Going down some of the tubes
in reverse. Pip told me that I needed to shape up or I might get kicked out..
So I had to act my age and shape up... Regardless after some more adult  sodas,, we hit the
hay to get more the next day..  Monday morning I hurt,, body was pissed about all the stairs that we were running and all the jerking back and forth of water park fun.
We came we conquered we kicked ass...
Weather took a turn for warmer after a few cold days on the bike this was awesome.
Saturday I though that I froze parts of my anatomy off,, and yesterday was
an hour sub allout into the wind.. Today
was 65 and windy but it was 65!!
Started the day off with some tempo to work going back up over the bluff,,the Emag loop. Felt good to out getting miles before work instead of doing hills intervals.  After the
day job was done I went back for more working my way a bit south only to head back to the north with the wind.  Managed just under three hours and 50 miles with over 3500K of climbing for the
day. Not bad for a tuesday and to ride in only a jersey and some knickers felt Awesomer.
Came home to a bottle of R4 and some Second Surge, to help recover and get ready for more to come.  If you have not you should check out the new Pacific Health Website.  These guys
do a great job of making products that help make you recover faster and ride longer...and they have a taste that wont make you puke,, good stuff.
Weather is going to be good all week through the weekend and so on... Goals for the weekend is to do a loop over in Mn that is going to cover some hills and gravel roads.. I am
so ready for the weekend. Bring IT On!

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