Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back to Black&White

Hard to believe that  march is almost  over.. 
Been kind of a blur,, miles are piling up and only 140 away from the 
1000 mile march goal... This is my own kind of march madness. Skipped the 
TNWC ride today due to winds,,, riding in a group with 40mph winds did not 
sound like a good idea to me. Yea it would be good training but 
also a good way to get wrecked with the wind pushing people all over the place. 
I opted for a few hill repeats and then a loop home. For  a good while I had the wind at my back
until the cross winds came from their on out it was a fight to stay up right. Leaning hard in to the center line while being pushed to the gutter. Made it home in one piece,, followed by Pip,,  who went 
out and killing it on single track,, lucky little shit. 
I can't wait,, I hope this weekend to get some while I go up to see the boss and the new shop
in the cities.. Hollywood is back and in Black and White.
Tired and then tired again trying to stay on the plan,, find that a beer or two a night 
helps add to the carbs that are so lacking from my system,,
Not looking Schleckish yet and don't plan on it but I am ready or at least I think that i am..
The Ragnorok is a touch over two weeks away... Need to get the road bike in shape and ready to go. 
Was hoping that the King wheels would be done by now but their is still time.
As for now rest and more work getting it done and getting after it .....it is like a 12 steep program for
cyclist... Step one RIDE YOUR BIKE>>>>

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