Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cloudy ViSioN

Rode into work today in a thick fog.. Which explains that while sleeping with 
the windows open I could not hear all the normal noise of roads and trains...The sound outside was like that of a good hard snow storm.  I wanted to get just a nice spin around D-town and by the river,,still not
digging this pitch black stuff in the morning. But with the conditions the best bet was just to get to the shop...
Thick and wet front side of me was covered in a fine mist,, and in my heist to get out should have
grabbed some more flashy lights.. I get past but a few commuters every morning that are all lit up like the top of the sears tower, and I have nothing..
Can't tell if that is why they snub me or if it because I am all kitted up in superman suit with a smile from ear to ear... Oh well.. Like to think that I wave to all cyclist I may miss one or two but generally a happy guy on the bike.
Yesterday's goal was active recovery getting out and spinning with little or no 
hard efforts,,which can be hard on the Single Lemond, but I choose that one so 
I would not be tempted to shift and crank hard.. On that bike it is stand up or sit down and spin.. Or as this picture shows bend the spokes. 
Using the Interval function on my Cateye computer and doing the same route as yesterday 
was the plan for today.. Legs still mad from tuesday nights efforts, but was still able to turn the 
pedals as I wanted. More saddle time and more time in the sun. I think that things are coming 
along well,, I may have to the TNWC on tuesday and see where I stack up with all the 
power meter riders in the area.  What ever happens as long as the sun keeps shining and 
the wheels keep turning I will be all smiles. 

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