Saturday, March 17, 2012


I wanted more,,but what is new.. Made the decision to go
and do the saturday group ride that starts at the 
KT on 33. Knowing that many people are still calling it early season that 
the group will have varying fitness levels. My goal 
was to go and hang out with dudes in tight clothes and power meters for as 
long as I could. Good size rolling mass of riders headed south 
into what once again seemed to be a gusty wind. Up K and over to Brinkman's 
ridge where we got the first flat of the day.. Longer than normal fix and we were moving again. 
Sliding with a good bit of cross wind the group struggled to stay together when the 
same wheel went flat again. This time I was told  to  help change the tube,,this change was pushing me 
past the time that I want to be at,, had not gotten far and had a bit of stoppage time. 
After some fast rolling along the top of the ridge I  splintered from the group, and started to 
head toward the north. Got to the garage
and realized that the family was still all out on their bikes enjoying the weather.... I wanted more...
Let the wind push me to the north in cool down mode. Having to turn back to the 
south and the wind blasting now at 20+ I hit the crushed gravel to hide from the wind. 
Hard to hide, rolled home with a touch over 60 in about 3 hours so ended up being a good day. Ready for some of lower wind days to show up. 
Got to spend the evening eating good food drinking good beer and throwing 
Frisbee with the family. The topper of the evening was getting 
to watch MSR and what a finish.. I have to think that Spartacus is not happy..

Coming soon on the opening of the new Hollywood Cycles
Doors are to open on the 31 and stands to be a great party..
As the Boss always says>>> PARTY ON!!

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