Thursday, March 8, 2012


I spend a lot of time on my bikes and get
my training rides in before and after work. 
Years ago I would have ridden with a messenger bag but now life is much easier with my Ergon BC2 
bag. I can load this thing down and get down to business, and with the way the 
bag moves with your body it is like it is not even there. 

This morning was more of the same,,, dressed and out the door with enough time to 
Squeeze in an hour-ish and a bit of climbing.  Seeing that it is much colder most mornings 
on top of food for the day my pack is loaded with a change of clothes for 
the afternoon ride.   Today had a curve ball throw in just to make things interesting,, not a lot of work very few calls and I was done and out of the shop by noon.  Pissed by the lack of work and the clouds
 that had rolled in I spun home and ate some lunch, and headed back out.  I stuck with 
the whip of choice, opted for the geared ride as the winds have been kind of stupid and shifting is nice when fighting it.  Rode north through some nasty cross winds and then headed east and it was like I had a hand on my back pushing me.  

Here where I live only being a 1/2 mile from the Mississippi when the wind blows from the west your options kind of suck. North and south are flat and boring and heading to the east means that you will be fighting head winds the whole way home.. But what does not kill you only makes you stronger ,,,,Right??

After a good push I 
headed over to 108 and rode the Cut ,,
and,,,the sun came out.. 
It turned out to be a good long day in the saddle.
I  need to figure what to do about this repair gig as it seems we are getting slower and slower,and making money is a good thing.... But  long days in the saddle are good and ,, I will be working with Paceline Products this season and they will be making sure that the long days on the bike don't render me unable to sit down the next day.
My favorite is the Eurostyle Butt'r works wonders and after last summers extreme heat and humidity my back side was happy and not chapped at all.  Looking forward to working with Steve and the crew there, good mid western folks that are very passionate about cycling. 
Think tomorrow will be a bit of an easy day and take some time to get not only 
my road bike cleaned up but get the kids ready for a good warm and windy saturday. And maybe just maybe find the time to get my Break lines trimmed and get the MTB back ready to Rocker.  

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