Sunday, March 11, 2012


I had some pretty lofty goals and came damn close to achieving them.
By far a strange weather week, as mother nature try's to figure it self out. 
Week started with 30 degree temps and wind chill, and then had some wind
and lots of sunshine. 
Yesterday was down right nutty with sustained winds of 30 and gust even higher. 
Took the kid out and again tried to work on getting her to understand drafting better
and that it is better to work harder to stay on a wheel then to sit in no-mans-land and 
get shattered. 
Climbing up the Bliss Climb  at her pace I heard what I thought was the 
train,, nope it was the flag at the top of the bluff almost getting ripped of the pole.

Today was a much calmer day and again with the sun in full force.
Layers were shed as the work started to head up hill. 
For me today was all about pace not so much time in the saddle as every one in the house 
wanted to get out on their bikes. By the time my ride was
done my Cateye said that for the week I had climbed enough to stand on
top of Mt. Quandary.  So 
missing the goal of mileage is one thing but getting 14K+ of climbing was pretty good.
Needless to say lots of recovery going on here, and getting ready for the week a head. May even try to HTFU and do the TNWC,, not sure if that is where I need to be but we'll see.. Need Need to get my MTB ready,, could be riding some dirt soon if things stay the way they are. 
Every day should be the weekend.

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