Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Tuck and roll is a way of life when it comes to participating in wheeled sports fun.. Even with my two plank powder daze the ability to assess the fall mid action and Tuck the Roll is a big part of not getting really f..ed up...  It is a skill and one that can take years of practice which means years of going down to the ground.       Rollerborading out of all the things I enjoy doing has the highest rate of tuck and roll moments.. Now while most times you try to run out the gravity challenge and escape scratch free....and  at other times the running ends with a quick tumble until tour momentum comes to an end...
 When it really sucks is when you don't have the chance to run.. and or tuck and roll.. When you just slam.. When all of the force you have generated turns you in to a pancake splattered on ground..
This is all part of the fun.. the mystery of standing or falling.. Rolling away with you arms in the air in victory..or skipping across the ground like a stone on the pond..
The weather here has been great and not sure how long it will last.. The boy and I have been able to play out side more than normal for this time of year.. And I have been able to roll two and four more than expected...
I keep saying that I want to go for a night ride but when the work day is short and the sun is out u am going to ride and not wait for the nightlight.. My LaMere has been silly fun to ride and it has my face mucles making smiles more often than not..

On a more serious note lets all take a moment to think about those who helped make this country what it is by fighting for our freedom..  Grandpa was stationed in AK making sure no unfriendlys  came over the Bearing Sea..

Now get out there and remember to Tuck and Roll..

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