Friday, December 4, 2015

Fallout Shelter

Life in a vacuum is void of sound and light.. External forces tend not to apply.. The landscape does not change and yes it is the same everyday.
This platform has been going on now for eleven years.. Sometimes with great consistency and other times lacking any voice or substance. It is time for a change...
It is time to blow things up... Content has grown stale.. Time to go off to the desert with Hunter S and find my words and my way.
The daze of chaseing the professional cyclist life has come and gone.. The lust and passion for movement stays the same but as the names to the right and left come and go the redefinition of a DMC will come with ebb and flow.
So as we grow closer to the bringer of the light and the fire and daze begin to grow bright a new address maybe a new sight will rise as I burn thus sucker down and rise from its ashes.

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