Friday, May 18, 2012

SpEeD LuMp

My remembrance of the time line is not very good but it was some time about seven years ago we were down in Scottsdale doing some spring riding and getting away from the High Country snow. Coming home from a ride I reached back to adjust my helmet and felt a lump on the back of my head. It sat just below the retention strap on my Rudy Project lid. At the time did not think much of it and just lived with it. Being that I could not see it,,, it was no big deal to me. Some time after that I had one of Anna's doctors at her work remove it. And for a good long time it was gone "out of site out of mind."
 It managed to start growing back, and as far as I knew it was just a fat deposit or a a Lipoma nothing cancer like but just a lump on my head. The second coming of my lump it came back bigger and better,, again just under my helmet which is why the docs think it was there in the first place. One doctor told me I wear a helmet too much.  Funny.  Again I can't see it and for the most part it was not bugging me I knew it was there and from time to time could feel a headache there. Last fall while celebrating the State Championship that the Hollywood team won I saw a picture of the back of my head and was blown away on the size... then this spring at an after race party I had someone come and ask me what the heck was on the back of my head.              This was a sign that it was time to get it off and maybe even shave some climbing weight.. Ha ha..

  So yesterday that is what I did,, went into the Mayo and doc took a look and said we can get that out.. Just under an hour on the table,,, would have liked to have been a massage instead. But he was able to dig it out and I mean dig it out.. He had me pretty numb but from time to time he would hit a nerve and cause some interesting pains to jump through my noodle.  At one point and time I asked if I was drooling and they lifted the cover to find me in a pool of blood,,,,"No one makes me bleed my own blood".  They offered me some heavy drugs for pain but I opted for Ibuprofen and Leinenkugle's.

   Now with this all taken care it is time to get things ready for some fast hard racing at Afton Alps this weekend. Family is going to load up in the truckster and head north to the Cities do some riding and chilling out with the Hwood team,, then line up sunday for 4000 feet of climbing.  I had a real good work out before surgery yesterday,, hammering the bike trough the short track course. Bike and body are both riding really well,, the question is going to be how will they both fair when put under the pressure of racing. Not to worried about placing a helmet on my wound,, I figure the rest of my body is going to be in enough pain to not notice the incision in my cranium.  Line up take a deep breath and PARTY ON!! 


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  1. I guess we can't call you Lumpy anymore...