Thursday, May 24, 2012

man dOwn

Went Mountain Bike Riding with a fun group of guys last night,,, the only down side was 10 minutes into the ride Tommy-boy found the ground. I did not see what happened as it was all behind me. We were heading to the bear trail riding along the edge of the Quarry,, Tom and I started to pull away from the group on this slight down hill, I think he was having fun du to the fact that he has been working a bunch and not riding,, I announced the left turn and ground up the slight up through the now over grown open field and stopped to get my camera out and no one was coming.. I gave it another second or two and turned around and headed back to find the group all looking down at the ground.
Tom lay on the ground gasping for air,, after crashing to the ground from the air that he caught.  He said he was on my wheel looking at my tire and missed the sharp edge of the trail,, word has it that he rode an endo for a good 10 feet before getting bucked up and over the bars.   With his wits somewhat with him we walked him out and called for Frenchy to get him down the hill..
Word has it that he broke his collar bone and two ribs..  I could have been much worse had he been anywhere near rocks or trees I have to say he found the best place to go down and at 25+ mile speeds we were all happy to see him walk out.
Heal up Tommy-boy and well spin again sometime soon..

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