Thursday, May 10, 2012


I can't shake this flat feeling that I am fighting through this week. A bit of let down and mental funk is causing me to not have the crank turning ability that I want. Coach wanted me to put together a big week but as I have asked for I think that I need a Redo. This week has gotten away from me and with Anna going to New Mex this weekend may just be a maintenance weekend, and get back after it on monday in prep for the race on the 20th at Afton. I am going to slip out here soon and ride some singletrack to work,, going to practice the concept of Drift-less and ride more.  Speaking of Practice the HPT crew started a youth cycling group,,, last night was the  first launch of that group.. James had fun till they wanted to go around again.. One lap Curran,,, kind of like is sister used to be one run curran.
My turn out for short track racing was a fail,, and my work out did not happen dealing with the kids and the transport of bikes,,,, But I will slather up here in a minute with some Warm Embro and head out into the 42 degree bluebird morning and spin and grin.

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