Monday, April 30, 2012


Saturday brought something that rarely happens for me epically as things warm up and start getting nice out. I slept in,,, nine oclock is very larte for me but it felt so good and I could have stayed in bed much longer. The weather was gloomy and as far as i could tell things were going to be too wet for bike racing on sunday. Got some stuff done around the house and decided to get my old BMX bike finally put together for the Boy. Did what I could at the house and then rolled down to the shop to finish up there. When it was all said and done bike fit the boy like a glove.. Only 30 years later and my old Stomper rides again.

   After a few emails and some more time spent in the Garage I threw my hat into the racing rig for sunday. The word from Iowa was that it was not that wet and that the trails were in good shape. So I got the bike all ready to go and loaded up the  car. It is a quick drive down to Decorah and the crowd had already started to fill in. I had meant to pre -reg back in  March but when I was in the Cities and went on the Tour of Timmer ride it just never made it to a mail box. Getting suited up I started to notice the who's who of Iowa fast guys including B. Eppen,, so now I knew it was going to be a fast lap.. One lap on a 6.2 mile course up down and all around the trail system. I was go with one minute intervals in-between riders . A straight shot of pavement then into the first climb,, this went up and up to the top...traversed the upper section where I missed a turn and had to scrambled to get back on course. A ripping descent into Death Valley then a a log climb that I was not ready for and back to death valley..that is where the party was... Finally I hit the run up section that I heard so much about.. On to the river bottom section and hammering still thinking that I could hit the time that I wanted. Another small bobble and I crossed the line.. A hair over 29 minutes and in 5th place for the day..
It was a great test with Iola coming up this weekend. I know what I need to work on and what is working.. Not knowing the trails was a disadvantage,, but not an excuse.  Felt real real good to go as hard as I could for those six miles.. Got to spend some time with a bunch of like minded Lycra clad cycling enthusiasts,, and I got to drink a beer and meet new people,,, good good day.. 


  1. Gears are for......those who drink cheap beers?

  2. Start picking on my beer choices and we may go to blows..