Friday, April 13, 2012

Riding the Rok

Work has been super slow which is good for getting out and getting time on the bike,, but when it comes to making money not so good. I took a vacation day knowing that I would at least get
8 hours of pay that way. I had stuff to work on today with the Ragnarok 105 tomorrow, so not going in was a good thing. Anna and I hit the Moon last night to wet our whistles and get away from the house for a bit.. Always nice when you can pedal to your favorite watering hole. Was able to have a nice slow morning with a good breakfast and good coffee. Swung through the shop to get my front wheel trued and talk bike talk..
 Weather watching all day,, not the day to see moisture in the forecast with 105 miles of gravel on the horizon. Tostin took care of my wheel and I head back to my garage to get the final prep done.
Getting new rubber on I noticed that the front wheel had a number of broken eyeless which explains the wobble to the wheel. Robbed the front Mavic wheel off the kids road bike.. again not the time to find out that equipment is not up to par. Bike is all ready with a new set of Vittoria 700x28's,, the Vittoria group has really stepped up this year and between the Northwave and Geax tires they have my bases covered.  Tomorrow is going to be a great test of fitness and of mental strength.... not sure what to expect.  Going to keep my head up and eyes open and legs turning,,and let the cards fall where they may,, Now it is just time to Execute.

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