Monday, April 16, 2012

4 R's

Tired but not the kind of tired where you just slip off to sleep while sitting on the couch. I do feel much better than yesterday. I think that doing over 100 miles on just two bottles of water may take a bit out of a person. My goal or my ideal hydration would have been refilling at the check points but at each one I had to be on the move.
So yesterday I ate food worked on bikes and drank a lot of water,, and a few waters that had hops and barley.  I got my brakes finally all dialed in,, Magura sent out another brake and now they are matching and stopping on a dime.  Put the keys in my hand... That is right Hell on Wheels.
 I am ready to get back after it tomorrow. I hope that the dirt will be dry enough to get some laps in and more saddle time. First fat tire race will be at the end of the month back down in Iowa,, have not ridden there since I won the race that I did not win.
I think it is the trails in green that will be the race course. Still to this day have not ridden the trails while they are dry.. First time it was stupid wet and they were covered with snow.
 Then turn around a week and it is off to the first WORS race.  Rest Race Recover Repeat !!

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