Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anxious Mo-Fo

There are times when I just can't get enough... and I am having one of those moments in my
life now.  Back to back to back days on the MTB and slowly
getting my body back in to the fell of riding single track. 
I have tons of road mile under my belt for this time of the year,, so I thought that my 
body would be ready for single track. I have sure had my eyes opened.
Legs feel ok it is the other parts that are not used to the strains of twisting and turning. 
But other than the new pains today felt perfect ,, bike and body starting to move as one...
DBoon said that the wheel is an extension of the Foot. Yep just like that. 

Tomorrow will be more of the same,, going to take the road bike up through the quarry to get some
more time on loose crappy roads on the 25mm's.. Was hoping for some 28's but if they don't show 
I need to be ready for the Ragnarok on what ever I have. 
Not scared spent enough time on 25's in the gravel just never 105 miles worth.. It is all a 
test. Hope I pass.

Came around the parking lot at the HPT's this afternoon getting ready for another lap when 
I spotted the field full of guys in fatigues carrying M16's,, was pretty seen a lot up there but nothing like this.. Could not get my camera ready fast enough to catch them all but here is one
of the stragglers. 
Friday comes next then sunday,, which brings pain and suffering only to be 
the Hell of the North... Strong Men will bend cranks and work to stay up right..
Can't wait..


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