Friday, April 27, 2012


The work week has come and gone and now it is fryday night,, and chilling is in full effect. I had big plans to go and race this weekend in Iowa,, a good test of the legs before the calender kicks off on May 6th.  But the Rockies have stirred up some weather that is heading this way,, and rain and maybe a flake or two of snow is coming. If this holds true I have no desire to go and drag my self and my bike through some Northeastern Iowa mud. I have still yet to ride there in nice weather or mud free. And with the luck of the Irish when I was up in the cities with the entry all filled out and check in hand I did not find a Mail Box so I am not signed up and not feeling like I need to be there.
A week at the Office
This week was a good week on the bike and I got a lot of miles and good work in.. Flipping back and forth from road bike and mountain bike,, and staying on dirt or gravel as much as I could. Sram stepped up and helped with my read D issue and now the bike is clean and ready to go..
With a wet saturday on the way I am ready to do some more work on bikes in the garage with the music blaring and getting some much needed rest.. I may even sleep in,, or at least past seven. 

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