Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Rocket

Riding with the boy yesterday was a treat,,, he sure had fun and enjoyed getting some where that he had not been before.. Did we have to push bikes a bit where the road goes up over 24% yea but that is expected,,,their are big people that can't ride that section of old beat up road.  He jumped on to ride the last section and was all smiles.. We spent most of our time on top of the bluff trying to communicate with birds of prey.. The boy loves wild life and believes that he can talk to them Dr. Dolittle style.

The return home was where I was worried, the hill is steep as hell and all it would take is him letting go of the breaks and I would never see him again. But he did well,, took it slow as the pitch kicked in and then let it ride towards the bottom..
Finished the ride off with a Muppet's sing along and some Ripon good cookies.. Hope the boy can follow in his sister foot steps and grow up on a the right side of a bike.

By the time it was my turn to go out and get work done my motivation was pretty low,, but anna reminded me that I had just dropped a lot of cash for my USA Cycling card and needed to get out.
So back up to the top to do some short track interval work,, which was good and I was happy with the numbers.. Then I dipped into the single track not knowing what to expect as we got almost 2" of rain the other day.,.. Trails were perfect and I got to spend some time riding tempo and enjoying more spring single track... Rear derailleur was acting up later to find that the anchor bolt is striped and needs to be tended to. That will have to bee addressed tomorrow.. Until then coffee and bike racing with more single track this afternoon.  Did I mention that the hill going to the trails was steep...
Here is proof...

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