Tuesday, April 3, 2012

gEtTiNg SoMe

First time out today with a handful of new parts on the Dark Hearted Rig.
After spending the weekend cleaning and working with tires and brakes
I was ready to just go and rip some dirt. 
First off the Geax "AKA'S". This
tire reminds me a lot  of the smallbolx but I found it rode much faster 
and cornered like on rails. Today the ground was Hero Dirt, and the side knobs
on this fresh bit of rubber ripped and gripped. Loved them,,so fast..
Next treat was the new HX2 glove from Ergon,, it has been a while for these 
glove to finally make it on to my hands after trying them on at Frostbike two
years ago. Solid fit good articulation in the fingers and no padding in the palm to cause any pain. 
Gloves were holding on to a pair of GS2 grips,, This is the latest in the line of racing grips. 
The grip compound has been changed up a bit and the carbon barends have been extended ever so slightly.  This helps to give just a touch more leverage for when the climbs get stupid steep..
And as you can see here on the right side of the bar sits the rear MT8,, had a small issue with the front which is being taken care of as we speak. 
For today's ride I put on my Marta front, looks a bit ghetto but let me ride and get after the coroners and zip down the hills. 
                                                                                                                                                              Felt damn good to be out and riding single tack again, bike and body felt good. Yes I should have had a tool with me but instead I played the roll of tool.. A few things loosened up but nothing major. Pip rode well ,, I would like to she her push it a bit harder but kid are weird. 
I am going to ride the shit out of the single track in the weeks to come,, race season is almost here. Ready set GO!!     

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  1. Ergon should put that shot of the glove in their catalog. Colorful...