Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Riding the Wave

New Pumped up Kicks hit the door monday night as I was in the garage doing some
bike cleaning,,tried to give the USP driver a hug but he would have non of that.. These are the Mountain version of Northwaves new Extreme line of shoe. They slid on like your favorite pair of slippers... I walked around all proud of their whiteness and smiled with comfort that they gave..Slapped some cleats on and went to bed dreaming of single track to come.
  Tuesday I grabbed the Road bike and went with the already well ridden in road version,, and headed to work up the killer quarry road hill, even bumped in to some old Grandstay guy as I dove down towards town.. Not being done their with my day of circles I came home and did the superman switch of kits and bikes and shoes and I was out the door to go ride single track with the Pip.. Going up once again the quarry hill I fell the stiffness of the shoe as no flex occurred as I laid in to the pedals. A solid blox of mid tempo was churned out in the woods and my feet were happy in their new home.
Switching things up I threw some Quartz pedals on the One X  Lemond to get some more time in the shoes.. Following my tracks back up the hill of my dismay I knew that the 53x20 was too much for the grade,, so with a quick cross move I was off the bike and running up the last section of 20+%. Even off the bike running feet were happy and the stiff sole made for a better push as I moved left right left..  Overall so far so good,,,,Lite weight and stiff and comfortable all that is wanted from a race shoe.. Sunday will be their first test. Even got them dirty as the second half of my ride in was wet and sloppy..

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