Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Been relatively busy her at the Ride DMC headquarters, no rest for the wicked except for the full day that I had off the bike on saturday. Can't remember the last full day off may have been in march but my records are not being kept really well..... Work the token shift at the shop saturday,, nice to see all the folks excited about riding and the nice weather,. All it did was make me want to get out and ride,, but I said no..  Sunday saw the Hell of the North and a good ride with the Kid.. She is riding strong now just need to work on getting her faster.  The word from MD at Velocity is that a new set of Blunt SL hoops are in the mail for the young one.. Time to hit up Tostin for another wheel build,, sure that he will be super stoked on that. Huge thanks to the Velocity crew for hooking kid up,, Fresh tubeless wheels will be a great kick start.

New Twin Six kits showed up on monday just in time for a short track interval session up in the rock pit. I did go with the white as the kid went with black,,, this way we can be black and white all the time. 
The short track is a dream of mine something that I want to try to make happen on Wednesday nights. 30 minutes plus one lap.. something like that real real loose,, and if it takes off then stoke the flames and watch it grow.  I was hitting about 6 minute laps in some gnarly cross and head winds.. Should be a fast fun time with a few more people lined up.
I skipped the TNWC ride to do my own thing as I am getting ready for the Ragarok 105 this weekend. A cold and windy group ride did not sound like what I needed to prepare for a 6 hour day in the saddle on gravel roads. I opted to head back to the trails and do some more work on the Spot.
Trails are riding nice and I was able to really rail the corners and climbing felt effortless. Cold toes by the time I got home but the rest of me was warm epically the parts covered by Chamois Buttr Embro creme.

Things are coming along and boxes are still showing up daily.. Season is so close to being here. My hope this that when I hear the word go,,,, I can pass the test..

                                                                                    Fuel on and off the bike is key and whether it is getting whipped up in the kitchen or being consumed on the bike,, I have all my bases covered.
As of late it feels like the tape worm is in full effect,, can't stop so why try..
Go fast and Party ON!! 

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