Saturday, April 21, 2012


Where to start,,,not even sure. Sophia and I went to check out Ripon College yesterday,,part of their Kick Off program. Ripon is a small Liberal Arts School in the middle of the state, the birth place
of the real Republican party and home of Ripon Good Cookies. 
We found the school or should I say they found Pip looking for Mountain Bike racers who were in high school.. Some where in her freshman year she got an email from the coach of their team, and the seed was planted. 
We showed up on a cold windy day,,,only to be greeted by hot coffee and tasty baked goods. Listed to 
the Dean of Admissions and then took a tour of the Campus, which is what when I close my eyes a college campus should look like...Sorry UWSP,,,,
Back to learn about financial aid and scholarships,, before being treated to lunch in the dining hall. These kids eat well I was very impressed with what they are offered,,, now it may not be to different from what we got at Point,, but it seemed more like a food court at the mall with healthy choices and made to order items.  After lunch we listed to a cross section of students from all walks of life tell us about their experiences at school,,,why they chose Riopn and why they like it so so much.. 
Me I want to sign up now,,, I could be one of those guys that takes like some fifteen years to make it to graduate.
After all this we got to sit down with the Coach of the cycling team along with a number of
the team members.. Hearing their story's about travel and racing and how well they are supported
all I can think is I want this child to go here. She would be a great fit to their team and not only get 
a education but get to race her bike and see the country..  I walked away with smiles and wheels dancing in my head.....we have some time before she get done with high school but I know that she 
wants to already to be there.

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