Saturday, April 7, 2012


Four solid days on the bikes,, body and bikes are and have been responding well. Between hitting the road bike in the morning and Fat Tire love,, I have been able to pick up right where I left off in March.
Time to get my road rig ready for the Ragnarok Next Saturday.. Should be interesting and long and even hard at time,, but I am going to make sure that I mix some fun into it.

 I started off friday with taking the road bike up through the quarry and up and over the 24% grades that fight you and the hill gets acceded. The chill that was in the air was more of a kick than the hill its self.. The idea was riding on this beat up gravel road would be good practice for what it to come. Bike did what it was supposed to do,,and I was happy that I remembered gloves.  Both road and mountain bike this season are set up with Selle San Marco's Concor saddle.. I have played with all kinds of different saddles over the past few years with little success. My thoughts so far are great Butt is happy and the fell on the mountain bike on and off and throwing the bike around really impressed..

Got away from the 9 to 5 while the sun was still shining and time was on my it was back home to a bike and kit change and time to go back out on the Spot.  Goals for today was nothing more than riding and having fun,, no intervals no HRM's  just spinning and grinning. Back up the way that I got to work heading up the steep then though the quarry,, and over the section that i want to try and turn in to a wed. night short track race,,then in to the woods.
One of the new parts on the Spot that has been making me really happy aside from the Concor saddle,, are my Look Ti/Carbon pedals.. The entry and exit are spot on and the platform is one of the best that I have ever used. The float is there if you need it but not sloppy and making you feel like you have no control.
The ride it's self was a good one got to come home and head to the moon for a burger and a beer to find my family waiting for me when I was done.. Not a bad little friday.
I could not help my self and wanted to get this..
Coffee and Bike racing tomorrow... Can't Wait!!

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