Monday, March 23, 2015

Time For Desert

Like the most of the rest of you I woke up to a blanket of fresh heavy 
A clean blanket covering the once thawed ground around my house. With all this new 
fresh pow pow,, all I can do is think of the desert and the eight daze of work that I have to try to 
plug through. 

I was able while things were dry to get my Plastic bike out and test the new and old parts and see what my body thought of going up steep hills.
The trails behind the house were the testing ground and I was pleased to find them almost bone dry on the west faces and tacky on the east. 
It is no secret that the trails here are steep and they don't offer miles upon miles of distance but what they lack in that they make up for in fun factor. 
The total mileage for the day with a stop at the bike shop was only twelve miles but I managed just under 2k of climbing and descending.. And this is the old school kind of descending,, the kind where you put your seat in your chest and hang your ass off the back.. 
Needless to say it was a good ride and good to be out on one of my favorite whips,, The bike and mind are ready for the desert ,,,, now if only the body will show up and kick ass. 
With that part of the weekend over the bike now looks like this.. 

Bike riding was done with and it was time to pick up where we left off at the skateboard park..
Thursday and Friday saw some good skating and fun new lines drawn up,, and both 
the boy and I were ready to get after it,, especially after watching live streaming of the Tampa Pro contest all morning saturday..
I Ganked my tail under one of the metal pieces of ramp fraiday which just meant that I got to Order a new deck so I have a fresh one for vacation.. 

And the wheels rolled on and on... The saturday afternoon session must have lasted up to three hours and the crew all showed and level rose and the young rocket
kept pushing it harder and harder..
Finally sticking boardslides on the Rail. 

And the old man started and now has the 50/50 over and down the Huba..

The wheels keep on moving and the spirits will stay high..
We wont be skating this week outside and trying to 
make it to the indoor may not happen with 
all the karate that the boy has.
For now it is time 
to get the bike in 
the mail
to get all the loose ends 
tied up.
I am ready
for sun singletrack
and no work .

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