Friday, March 27, 2015


I must be an old man... 
Still recovering from going out to a rock show Wednesday night. 
I was not even out that late but still threw me off for the rest of the week..
I hopped on the Nature Boy and rode down to Lacrosse and
all the memories of doing this pedal day in/out flooded my mentals.
I was meeting Hwood and his lovely wife along with special Tim
downtown to see the Supersuckers. 

I had rockstar parking right in front of the venue and the 
Hollywood Cycles crew was there shortly after as we geared up for a good show. 
The Caviler is great spot to see a show,,, not only do they have a nice bar with decent 
beer prices ,,, the sound in this old theater is spot on.. 
Even when their is only 30 people at the show..

Yep thirty people,, pretty lame for a college town on a wednesday night..
But I was there and the band put on a great show..

At the end high fives were given and 
I pedaled home and was in bed by midnight..
So again not a late night but damn I am worked..
So much so that 
last night at the indoor skate session i was worthless..
I ended up just watching the boy skate.

I just rolled around and kept it mellow,, I have a fresh deck coming today and vacation
in a few more,, I was going to check my self before I wrecked my self..
No need to beat my self up anymore than I  have lately..

So Bring on the weekend I am ready to chill and enjoy some not work time..

 I have earned it..

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