Monday, March 9, 2015

Trying to post From the back of a speeding car.,.,.,

The week ended with the young Rockets new board showing up to the house..
And after gripping my new deck I  set in on his.
It was to be a fresh wood Friday session... So we headed downtown and ripped the indoor till it closed.... Everyday should be new griptape day...

Saturday mooring brought some warming temps and anybody who is anybody was out racing their fat bikes.
Not having one and not racing I was going to go or and do what I do.
With the single still geared 36x18 I figured it would be a good test to head up the vista trail.
I was out early enough to still have frozen trails and good snow coverage.. And other than a small spin out I was able to climb the whole thing.
More SK8ing became our afternoon but my luck was not very good... Coming off a board slide I one again tweaked my knee... I was able to shake that one of and keep rolling... All was good till I slipped out of a half cab and rolled my ankle this put me on the ground..
I can walk ,,  but it is sore and swollen ....
And I am tired of constantly being hurt... I may need a new life style..

Sunday morning I was able to get in to my riding shoes and go for a spin before heading to the Dells.

Sundays ride was good because it was outside.. But so much has changed in the woods in under 24 hours.
The ground  was still frozen and where the snow has been was now ice... And only due to the millions of foot prints frozen in time was why I was  able to get any traction..
Hard to believe that people we out on the trail when it was wet..
Fast forward to this morning  after running around a water park
This old man is battered and sore..
My ankle/foot is a kankle... and  I am freaking out as we leave to AZ in three weeks..
I got to get my self right..


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