Monday, March 30, 2015

Fast Cars.. Cheep.. Thrills

I survived another weekend,, 
and I say that because it seems like each and every weekend I am coming 
up with newer and better ways to totally destroy me self.
This one was no different, coming home from work and heading out on the 
single cross,, just as the UPS driver pulled up with a new Sk8toy for me. 

I got my first Gonz board in 87 then later in the 90's as I was getting older and 
Mark had started up Blind I was not only hooked on his boards but his graphic have always 
be top notch stuff.
This new deck is an 8.6 with a bit of a bottle nose which gives it a bit of a different feel underfoot. 
So while the clan watched TV I played in the garage and skated the night away..

My plan for saturday was more the same... beat my self up on the single cross and take the boy out to the park and play.. And that was only going to happen if the snow 
piles had dried up and the park was clean.. 

After another flogging on the Purple Reign  and a bit of a nap on the pleather couch I found my self at the park once again. 

The constant banter back and forth between my child and I has to become 
some what of a running joke between the two of us..
He seems to know what I am going to say before I even say it,.,.
And it is normally something to the extent of go Faster!!
Going faster always seems to smooth out the rough edges. 

After getting the kids new whip almost together 
I once again found my self on the back of the Nature Boy,,
this day only to find 30+ mph winds greeting me in the face as I worked my way back home..
Sundays nap was topped off while watching live skateboarding from

So after watching people roll around their was only one thing left for us to
Yep go and ride on our rollerboards.. 
Me and the kid had a good rail session going back and forth with the 
Go faster catch phrase.. 

Wheels moving.. Bodies Thumping as they hit the Ground..
World is Turning.
Life is Good..

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