Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Red Dirt Tan

Tomorrow at this time I will be on my way to my happy place..
I can call it that now,, because seventeen years ago when I first moved there I was not 
too happy about living there.
I was young,, I was ski bum... and now I was moving to the smack center of a 
huge desert. I had no idea of what I would be getting into and 
no idea of what I would find.. 
Now all these years removed and countless trips back to the Valley Of the Sun,,
I am always so happy to go back and always scheming of ways to never have to leave.

That being said last night at the Scooter Park,, I for the most part just rolled around 
and did not do much on the roller board. 
My legs were good and cooked from what was supposed to be an easy ride but turned out to be another ride into the wind... And to top it off with all my pains and aches I thought it would 
to keep it mellow and just watch the boy tear it up.. 

 Speaking of Tearing.. This kid had a good weekend..

Nice to see a Mid Western Boy firing on all cylinders.. He grew up skating the 3rd Layer and 
has moved on to California,, and managed to stomp it when it mattered..
Cool to see the park they competed in,, we may have to drive over and check it out.. 

Now here is a trail that I know that I wont be riding this weekend..

I know my limits and this is one that I will leave for the rad guys..

I will leave you with this,,, not sure who the people are in
this clip but it 
had some good shots of the Sedona sk8 park..
Can't wait going to be fun..

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