Monday, April 20, 2015

April Showers

If you have ever been lost finding your way is back to where it is you came from or to where you need to be can a hard thing to do. 
After my wreck last fall it is easy to say that I have been lost
but I am not sure where it is that I need or want to be??
I can say that I am not looking for some sing or higher power to show me the way back,,
and I know that I am not looking for Peter Frampton help me out either..
I am going to search down every path possible and see if it gets me where 
I need to be,, and in that search I am going to go on 
many adventures and see new and old things. 
I may never get there,, and the Path may not be defined,, but the 
journey will be well worth it.

Since taking ownership of this OS Blackbuck last fall I have been dreaming about 
riding it at Levis Mound. Plans were to get some late fall riding as the leaves changed colors but again dreams were cut short due to using my head a stopping mechanism.
Hwood and some of the 612 crew were meeting up on Saturday to do some riding and 
being in my back yard I was game to come and play.
I left everything as is for the weekend not changing gear ratios wanting to see if 58 inches would be too much to push.. For the most part it was perfect until things got really steep or if traffic slowed things down to a crawl and momentum  was slowed. 
For the most part it was perfect and the 2.25 front tire on my Velocity Blunt SS work to perfection. 
I can't wait till the next time that I am back there tearing up the sandstone bluffs. 

Always good to ride with the Boss,, and always a good place to stop and check out the views..
This here spot not only can you look out across the valley to Bruce Mound you can 
also see that Hwood is letting me know my position on the team..
That is right #1..

I returned the favor as I Rolled through this here tight corner,,
but i let him know that he is #2.... or is that 11?

Regardless,, bikes were ridden and highfives were slapped,,
sun was soaked and legs were ripped off..
For me it was just another path on the journey to find what 
ever it is that I am looking for..

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