Friday, April 17, 2015


The days come and go and I continue to live the life of a 
duel Action Sports super star..
I have to tell you at my advanced age it is getting harder and harder.
Not as much gas in the tank to keep the engine firing for as 
long as I want. In other words I and Tired...
Just this morning I fell asleep on the couch with my morning coffee only to 
be woken up by the sensation of burning liquid on my middle section.. 
But when push comes to shove it is worth it 
because I get to be out side riding wheels and slapping high fives...

Yesterday afternoon was another day of Flogging 
my self back into some for of racer guy shape.
Or at least that is what I keep telling my self.
Another lap of up the Dog shit trail to the local single track then back home. 
Not sure what to think of this new social forgiveness of  bags of dog crap 
being bagged up and left on the trails for all to see.
It is not like they are Chinese lanterns lighting the way so while riding at night
the tail is well defined.. 

After beating my self into submission I met my wife on the front
porch for a beer while watching all the soccer moms and dads rip up and down the street trying to find a place to park and drop off their future world cup striker..
I could only take so much of this,, some day someone is going to get hurt as
they have no regard to driving rules or fire plug placements.

So I grabbed this

And Him

And headed to the scooter park to work out some moves while rolling and sliding around
and dodging wayward Razor riders.
The boy continues to impress,, wanting more tricks and 
trying and getting back up after failure..  
My only wish is that their was a better crop of young kids his age to 
ride with.. Poor kid has to hang out with me
and that can't be that cool..

Anyhow tomorrow is the weekend and Bikes are to be ridden at the 
sight of SSUSA 2015.. The boss
and some of the Team are going to be meeting out there to ride and 
celebrate Special Tims bachelor party.
I am just in it for the pedaling because I am sacred of any tomfoolery that may 
happen their after.. I have seen the Hangover Movie I know what can 

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