Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hatfield & Me

Ever since getting home late saturday night from the THC* Levis Mound Throw Down,,
the weather has gone to the crapper..
Woke up sunday did some stuff around the house,, and then followed that up with the 
boy and I getting into some supersuits ready to go ride bikes
when the skies turned grey and and started pissing rain. 
That has not stopped except for the fact that at times the rain 
turns to snow then back to rain then back to snow..
So we went  from perfect spring like warm weather back to early March
like weather.
This at times can be a soul crusher..
At this point and time of the year I am not ok with being trapped in the house. 
And to top that off we race bikes on 
Saturday for the first time and I am pretty sure that as 
of now I am a pretty sucky fast bike rider.?
It is going to hurt and put me in my place. 

So after a long stupid day of working and bouncing off the walls of the house 
the motivation finally struck to get the garage cleaned up so we could 
at least go out there and roll around. 

We jammed to some old school punk rock and gave the waxed step the beat down,
while working on some flat ground tricks ...
The young boy is dead set on learning kickflips and it 
is going to be a lot of work for him to get it all down. 
As I keep telling him,,,, Turn your brain off stop over thinking 
and it will come,, young grasshopper. 

Last Night was the release party for the first ever full length Vans skate movie..
They had a big Party out west to celebrate and all the who's who of 
the rollerboarding world were there to slap high fives and tell stories..
Earlier in the week they sent out a clip of 
some of their crew killing the Vans park in the OC..

And for more eyeball molestation you should look at some

So here is to better weather and faster legs,, it is going to be a brutal start to my
cycling season..
But people keep telling me that it is just like riding a bike..
Now if I can only remember how to go fast!..

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