Monday, April 13, 2015

Where is my MiNd

So the family and I loaded up some suitcases and headed off desert for much needed rest.
The weather was perfect and the sun was shining everyday.

We are spoiled to be able to go down and use Anna's parents place as a home base.. 
And that is just what we did..
Once the plane landed I assembled my bike and was out the door off to some single track
while Anna and James hit the Pool..
I went out to the McDowell competitive track thinking that this would be a good start for 
an out of shape guy..

I have been pedaling this trail for the past 17 years,, it was the first trail that I rode in AZ when 
we moving from the high country to the desert. 
Over the years as it has been ridden and ridden the trail has only gotten faster,, while still keeping it's
rocky technical personality.
One lap and my ass was kicked,, the dry air and the whipping wind along with the sun that  was beating down on me.
I was cooked and it was time for some pool time and sk8boarding..

This was the pattern for the next five days.
Ride bikes in the morning and Skate in the afternoon.. 
Followed up by pool time and beer..

We made a side trip up to Sedona, to soak in the Red Rocks and 
change our perspective.. 

Again I went first thing out for a spin on a trail that have ridden many times and 
have many fond memories.. 
Rode the Chicken Point Broken Arrow... trail... along with a few hundred other
people hiking,, jeeping,, and enduro riding. 
I loved the flashbacks of times gone by and really loved the way the trail rode,,
Then I found my self on a new section of trail that wrapped back to the trail head,, and it was empty of people and made smiles go from ear to ear.. 

After Checking in to the Hotel we soaked in the hot tub and talked to some others enjoying the beauty that is Sedona.
After soaking in enough vitamin D,, it was off to Flagtown to go and see an old 

Steve was busy in his shop finishing up for the day,, we came with a twelver of one of his favorite Mexican beers.
High Fives were slapped and old stories of rides and general tomfoolery  were shared..
This man was a huge influence in my young life and helped teach me to suffer on 
a bicycle..
Stoked to hear that he will be coming to the 608 this summer and be staying at his inlaws just a few miles up the road.. 

Easter Morning brought one hell of a sunrise,, followed by yet again
more singletrack and skateboard riding..
I love Sedona.. and some day want to live there..

Back to the Valley for more of the same..
Bikes Beer and Sk8ing..

 I can't get enough of the sun can't get enough of time away from work..
And I really really want to go back..

I freaking just love these guys.. 
Now back to the grind...

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