Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Koke aNd a Smile

Beating oneself into a pulp as a way to make them more better than before
has been my mantra for the past few months.
It is safe to say that I am a few weeks if not more behind the rest of the group 
when it comes to overall racing fitness.
Saturdays deep dig down in Iowa was a good test of where
I am and my bike handling skills at speed... In a sense I am having to relearn to trust 
my self with where I put my bike while flying through space and time. 

Last night was no different,, my goal was to see what my legs and brain thought of the 36x18 now that it is back on the drive train.. This is what I want to be able to push for the season opener at 
Buck Hill sunday.. For the most part I made the bike go up the hill good and fast,, but pain continued to creep into my brain,, and the over thinking started.. Nothing that will be climbed at sundays race will match the uphills that I rode last night,, but the fast guys are fast and the pace is going to be nuts.. and it is 6 laps up the Garbage Pile ski Hill.
For now this is the goal.. need to get the bike dialed in,, the Hoops need to have some nipples twisted and sounds as if the front break needs to have the pads cleaned or replaced as they are letting everyone in the immediate area know that I am slowing down.
But other than that it should be all systems go.. 
And what makes for a bester evening after Flogging ones self..
Going to the Roller Board Park with the Boy..

Safe to say that I am lucky in life.. 
Always moving and forever forward..

Krooked never lets the eyeballs down......


And this goes out to all the parents who I know read these words that 
I manically type out..
Do the world a favor,, don't buy your kid a Scooter,, or a Longboard..
get them a Sk8toy and the world will be a better

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