Friday, May 1, 2015

What ever is Cool With Me?

This week has been a good one for old man bike riding,,, I have seemed to be 
able to put together a solid week of bike practice, and as 
long as my legs recover should be looking ok as I head into the first series race of the year.

It has been a good mix of both the single speed and the shifter bike.

In my mind I am going back and forth and forth and back about what it is that I want to ride and race on sunday.

The first race is at the Hallowed grounds of Buck Hill,,, Home to many MTB races over the past twenty plus years. And also the place that all the fast 612 guys get to race every thrusday night through out the summer. 
For all of them it is burned into their brains,, as the laps start to add up over the years.
I have had some good races there and some not so good,, it is pretty easy to blow ones self up doing a three mile lap over and over and over.
This sunday it will be 6 laps and I am more torn about what gear I want to ride rather than which bike,  can;t decide between the 58inch or a 54,, will just have to bring both and see
what shakes out. 
It is going to be hot with a good chance of thunder storms,, so it sounds as if the summer weather is here.

This photo was taken back in 2007 shortly after moving here,, it was a cold start to the day and their were even some
flurries in the morning on this early May day.
At the start of the cat5 race they started the heavy men behind the young women and 
the Pip got plowed over by some guys racing for the world championship.
Oh those were the daze.

As I stare out over my kingdom I realize how I am beat like a drum,,
Tired of being Tired,, but it is hard to be a Rockstar.
But it is all Hell On Wheels 
from here on out..
Summer is here in my mind and I am Cool with that..

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