Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Slime Balls

Sometimes you are the hammer and sometimes you are the nails.. other times you are the cheese spread on top of the crackers... Like last night as I went ass over tea kettle when I saved my self 
from total destruction bailing on a 50/50 on the Hubba.
I battle this trick from time to time and for the most part can either stick it or get out just in time.
Not sure where I went wrong last night but I got it right when I slid down the back side of the pyramid and did not just carry my self to the flat bottom..
Other than that is was a great night on the sk8 toy... The sun finally decided to come out and
other than Brock,, Christian and me and the Boy we had the place to our selves. 
Does not happen often when you can roll and not worry about scooter kids..
And this was all on the heals of a nice bike ride through the woods 
earlier in the afternoon..

Not a bad tuesday,, Especially when you come home to find 
a box of goodies from some friends that 
are always there for you..
The Chamios Buttr  crew have always made sure that 
I am covered where I need to be.

Well it is wednesday and that means that we are getting trough the week,,,
Holding on for a weekend that should have bike racing attached to 
it as long as the weather holds up..
Unlike years in the past this year I am not going to mess around with any wet racing...
So as of now we sit and wait to see what happens..
Looks like Sunday could be a wet one. 

This showed up on the interwebs the other day.
Not only does the kid just rip but the 
music in the background is 100% awesome..

Then their is this one,,, some Raw footage from the filming of the new Vans movie,,,
which I have not seen yet as I am not a Itunes user,, so I need to figure that out,,
but Gilbert blows up the screen with this clips..

Ok I have done all that I can do from here on out it is up to you all..
Be good Do good work,, and damn it be nice to one another..
Happy Wednesday...

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