Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Drive By Riding

The damn weather has shifted again,, and we are back to being
wet and chilly.. Can't seem to get a stretch of good days together here
in the Driftless region.
I was forced into the garage last night just so I could roll around on the rollerboard.
It worked out ok able to do some bike cleaning and work and mix it up with some 
50\50 grinds and no-comply to tails on the gimpy step,, 
 but I need to get out and fly around,, need to loosen up from sundays efforts. 

Also looks like I need some chest hair implants,,
It got hot on Sunday and yes going full zip was the best way to cool off. 
Now that being said, I have been going over and over the event in my mind and 
while I am happy with the way that I rode,, I am always thinking of things that I could have done to have gone just a bit faster. 
Being only two minutes out of the money has me thinking that i am on the right track,, and the next one the shifting bike will get pulled out and 
we'll see what I can do.. 

The Krooked guys never seem to stop having fun
it is like there is a party and everyone is invited,, especially if you can 

A buddy of mine just got back from a few weeks in China,,
and he went and saw many things..
Bet he did not see anything this cool..
Motivation for this rain to dry up and to get out and play.. 

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